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I’m Back!

Years have past since I last appeared here…I doubt many were watching or waiting. Nonetheless, I’ve been back to taking up a few side projects. I think a major overhaul of this whole site is needed, but until I get round to that, my latest project can be found here. Read about the details in the projects section.

Going on Standby

Well it’s the early Autumn here in the UK, and while that means preparation for hibernation for some animals it also marks the beginning of the academic year at University.

I’m an engineering student beginning my third year and this year and the following final year a very important. So I have decided to reduce the focus on HUSSTECH and the website for the time being. You may not even notice a difference because I never updated the site that often anyway, but now I have an excuse for not doing so!

Sharp new look

Welcome to the new HUSSTECH website! I’m sure we can all agree that it looks fantastic!

Many thanks go to Chris at CG inspired for putting the new site together over the past few months.

Now for me to fill it out…