Component Procurement

Being based in the UK I know that the following organisations are also based in the UK or will ship here. You will need to check if they also ship to your country.

PICAXE chips


  • Sparkfun – An excellent USA based company that has a great range, including quite high level components such as GPS units and touch sensors. They also have a support forum, tutorials and they manufacture their own breakout boards for those annoying surface mount components.
  • Cool Components – A great UK based supplier, it has many of the most popular components from Sparkfun so it’s worth checking Cool Components before ordering from the USA.
  • Rapid – UK based educational supplier, again a very good range. Great if you want to make a medium to large sized order.
  • bobsbitsbox – You know how it is all you need it 1 capacitor and you don’t want to pay P&P for such few items. Well this Ebay seller is great for small quantities of popular components.
  • Ebay – You never know what you may find… just do a search.
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